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    Tower Crane Wire Rope

    • Tower Crane Wire Rope
    Tower Crane Wire Rope

    Tower Crane Wire Rope

    • Tensile strength:1570-2160mpa
    • Diameter:3-203mm
    • Certificate:API-9A,ISO9001,CCS,ABS
    • Brand:Aulone
    • Product description:
    Engneering Machinery Wire Rope Description

    Tower crane wire rope

    • Products standards

    API 9A specification of steel wire rope and GB/T 20067 "large diameter wire rope" is preferred for steel wire rope standards. General standards include: GB8918 "wire rope for important purpose", GB/T20118 "General purpose wire rope", YB/Y5359 "Compacted strand wire rope", JIS G 3525 Steel wire rope. We can perform another product standards and special design according to customer's requirement.

    Construction wire rope describe
    • Construction and characteristics
    Main purpose: wire rope for rotary drilling rig ,wire rope for crawler crane,wire rope for crane, wire rope for tower crane,wire rope for percussion drilling rig.

    Tower Crane Wire Rope

    Main including: hoisting wire rope and trolley wire rope



    Key words:Special wire rope manufacturer,non-rotation wire rope,compacted wire rope,PVC coated wire rope,Important usage wire rope manufacturer.

    Warm prompt:all types wire rope can be do PVC coated+galvanized+compacted as costomers requirements.

    Tensile strength:1770-2160mpa



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