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    Method of extending the life of the bullet teeth

    Method of extending the life of the bullet teeth

    A big problem facing the bullet teeth is how to extend the life. the working environment of the bullet teeth is complicated. the life of the bulle teeth will be greatly affected during use. this is one of the reasons we have to consider extending the life of the bullet teeth.

    When the coal bullet teeth work, it will encounter a lot of impurities such as coal gangue. The bullet teeth are easy to fail under the conditions of high impact, high wear and high pressure. The failure modes are mainly as follows: alloy shedding, wear, tooth fracture, etc. The life of the problem picks can be greatly improved.

    At present, we can basically do a long way to extend the life of the bullet teeth:
    1. Using a plasma spray-welded wear layer on the tooth head;
    2. The toothed portion is brazed with a hard alloy wear ring;
    3. The tooth head part is inlaid with a hard wear-resistant electrode;
    4. Increase the alloy head. If the hardness of the rock layer is high, increase the alloy head to resist the hardness of the rock formation.
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