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    Crane & Industrial Wire Ropes

    Aulone hi-tech wire ropes for crane & industrial applications represent the state-of-the-art of wire ropes dedicated to a wide range of land, marine and electrical applications. The exclusive use of plastic coated compacted strands, parallel laid cores  or braided strands solutions (for electrical applications only) have been adopted extensively to improve the wire rope performance in terms of load capacity, life time, wear, fleet angle and crushing resistance. The multistrand high-tech ropes offer the highest level of performance in the industrial lifting sector. Non rotating hi-tech crane ropes are the best product for applications where absolute rotation stability and extreme load capacity are required. The braided ropes are the best response for the needs of aerial powerlines installation. Aulone owns the complete control of the production process from raw materials purchasing and certification to wire drawing, stranding closing and testing. Aulone's customer service offers a continuous flow of information between factory and customer, guaranteeing a constant updating on the most severe requirements.


    Contact: AULONE

    Phone: 86-15573139663

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    Email: info@aulone.com

    Add: Address:Kaiyuan road 36,Chunkou,Liuyang, Hunan,China.