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    How to identify the characteristics of steel wire rope core

    How to identify the characteristics of steel wire rope core
    Different core, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.
    Fiber core wire rope is the middle of a fiber rope is composed of. Indicated by the letter FC.

    Take fiber material as an example:
    The role of fiber core is the oil storage, so that the surface of the oil rope to achieve a lasting supplement, so long rope durable.
    For the often used wire rope, lubricants are essential.
    The new wire rope core generally contains 12% to 15% of the oil, scrap wire rope in the most loss of the site only 2.4% of the oil.
    At the end of the same wire rope, even if not through the pulley also contains 12.7% ~ 14.5% of the oil.
    Experiments show that the oil-filled steel wire rope in the late period of the test is about half of the oil-free.
    The initial oil content of a wire rope can only maintain 40% of the service life, then if not refueling is a sharp increase in wire; Second, the use of harsh environment, the relative movement of less wire rope, you can choose galvanized Wire rope.

    These wire ropes exposed to the atmosphere in the galvanized or aluminized surface will form zinc hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide film, can effectively prevent the corrosion of steel wire.
    Steel wire rope is the middle is composed of a root steel rope. Expressed in letters IWS or IWR.
    Steel wire rope than the hemp core wire rope wear, anti-extrusion, with a high service life, breaking tension, but the hardness is high.
    Because of the reasons for wear and tear, steel wire rope is generally applicable to the crane or hoist above.
    The price of steel wire rope is relatively higher than that of cotton wire rope, but the service life is relatively good for the use of the environment, so it is important to choose whether or not the steel wire rope is based on the actual use.


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