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    R&D team

    Quality Assurance System

    A, Strict selection of domestic high-quality hard-line to control the product quality:using domestic the best materials

    B, Perfect rod testing equipment:spectrometer,tensile testing machine,metallographic analyzer, high and low times metallographic analyzer.Testing for detection rod into the plant chemical costs, tissue properties and mechanical properties.

    C, With perfect wire rope and wire rope testing equipment: medium and small tensile testing machine, torsion testing machine,bending test machine, steel strands-tension fatigue testing machine, wire bending fatigue testing machine, fatigue testing machine wire rope, wire rope pre-tensioning equipment, etc, we can test the the performance of wire rope.

    D, Wire rope production process using the advanced North America, Germany  management models.Meanwhile,the introduction of technology also brings the foreign advanced production organization and management mode such as quality track record, pre-production equipment, tooling, mold and other inspection records,processing management.

    E, Product organizational processes in according to GB/T19001 and APISPECQ1 for quality control.

    F, Corresponding to each batch of steel wire rope in accordance with rigorous testing standards, including process and final inspection.

    G, Approved by the American Petroleum Institute API Monogram. And had passed the ISO9000 certification.


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